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Applied Roller Technology was formed on April 15, 1986 with the purchase of the Fife Corporation Bowed Roll Division. Since that time Applied Roller Technology has become synonymous with reliable, high quality bowed rollers and expert application analysis. With an average yearly sales growth rate of twenty-one percent, Applied Roller Technology has become the leader in bowed roller technology and is among the top three companies worldwide in bowed roller sales. Since Applied Roller Technology manufacturers bowed rollers and only bowed rollers, this allows for all of our efforts to be concentrated on the advancement and implementation of bowed roller technology. With installations in applications that run speeds from 3 feet per minute to 9,000 feet per minute, tension ranges from 0.125 pounds per linear inch to 45 pounds per linear inch and temperature ranges up to 500° Fahrenheit, Applied Roller Technology manufactures a wide variety of bowed rollers to suit any application.

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Applied Roller Technology has been building their reputation on quality and dependability since its inception. Applied Roller Technology strives “to provide a commendable, perfect and impeccable level of service to the buyer in all fields of operation so as to ensure full customer satisfaction.” Applied Roller Technology bowed rollers are manufactured with only the highest quality components available today. Applied Roller Technology offers the most technologically advanced roller available in the market place. Applied Roller Technology has adopted the policy that there can be no compromise where the quality of our products is concerned. A strict systematic quality control program insures that our bowed rollers conform to customer’s specifications.


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